Five On-Demand Apps to Simplify Your Life

Sometimes life is busy – we get it. It’s hard to balance your eight-hour-plus work day with going to the gym, cooking dinner, cleaning house and more.

To help you manage the basics, we put together a list of five great on-demand apps that will simplify your life. Read on below to see them.

Best On-Demand Apps You Should Download Now

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1. Postmates

If you ever wanted a midnight burrito delivered to your door, download Postmates now. This app stores offers food delivery 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with 36,000 restaurants in its database. For anyone with the late-night munchies – or those who step away for lunch – this app is for you.

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2. Serviz

Ever tried going through your Rolodex while standing in three inches of water? Serviz enables you to book plumbing services in 30 seconds or less, right on mobile. The app was designed to help people book home improvement services on the go (or in emergencies), offering two-hour appointment windows and a huge range of services. Besides plumbing, homeowners can book handyman, carpet cleaning, appliance repair, electrical, HVAC and garage door services.

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3. Washio

Laundry used to be reserved for lazy Sundays. With Washio, you can schedule the pickup and drop off your laundry any day of the week, with 24-hour turnaround. Washio comes to you – your home, your office or even your neighborhood coffee shop. Less time spent on laundry means more “you” time. That’s always a good thing.

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4. Lyft

At the forefront of the “on-demand” revolution, Lyft has changed the way we get around. If taxis are too expensive or if you don’t have time to wait for the bus, Lyft offers private transportation in minutes. And, unlike fumbling for cash at the end of a cab ride, your card is automatically charged when you arrive to your destination – just add tip.

Fun fact: Kiip recently partnered with Lyft on a life-saving CSR campaign. Learn more here.

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5. Unwind Massage

For those who carry too much tension after a long day at work, Unwind lets you book an on-the-go massage therapist. Schedule a massage to come straight to your house at the push of a button, without the added stress of traveling to the spa. Therapists are state licensed and background checked, with hundreds of hours of training.

There you have it – our five favorite on-demand apps to help you save time and, most importantly, relax. Have another goodie? Let us know your go-to in the comments below.

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