Mobile App Trends: Quarterly Insight

To market apps effectively, developers need to stay up-to-date on mobile marketplace trends.

The latest stats can discern what countries show the most impressive growth in downloads and revenue, providing real-time insights for developers considering localization. For trusted data during the summer quarter, we headed to App Annie’s newly released Q3 analysis.

The main takeaway: It’s all about Google Play.


Image source: Flickr, user: Scott Akerman

Google Play is ahead of Apple’s App Store in terms of downloads – by 60 percent, to be specific. However, it’s still lagging behind in terms of revenue; App Annie cited that the App Store’s revenue was 60 percent higher than Google Play.

Popular verticals

Messaging apps experienced large growth in both Google Play and App Store downloads, now placing second in the most popular categories. Two messaging apps taking the lead: the omnipresent Facebook Messenger and India’s hike messenger. Since Facebook began unbundling apps (forcing users to download a separate app to access messages), it’s seen exponential growth each month. hike messenger has seen a sharp increase in users as well, rising to 35 million users as of August.

Despite the rising popularity of the communication category, games still comprised almost all of Google Play’s revenue growth. Japan, the US and South Korea are the three biggest drivers of revenue, with strategy games popular in the US and role playing games favored in South Korea. Some popular titles included Clash of Clans, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and Monster Taming.


Countries to watch

Three countries are driving the most positive change for Google Play downloads: Brazil, India and now Indonesia. Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country, with a young demographic and more 4G networks than ever. The result: it has “experienced double-digit quarter-over-quarter growth for the last nine consecutive quarters.”

Indonesia isn’t yet on the list of top five countries responsible for Google Play downloads – those are the US, India, Brazil, Russia and South Korea – but it’s rapidly catching up. If you’re thinking of launching an Android app abroad, Indonesia should be on your watch list.

infographic countriesInterested in learning more? Visit App Annie’s blog to download the full report.

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