Kiip & SafeDrive Gamify Distraction-Free Driving

Texting and driving is now responsible for more deaths in the US than drinking and driving. In fact, it’s the number one cause of teen fatalities.

With that in mind, SafeDrive has invented an app that encourages drivers to leave their phones alone while behind the wheel. Now, its creators are teaming up with Kiip to reward that responsible behavior.

SafeDrive & Kiip partner!

How it works: When iOS and Android users open the SafeDrive app, the algorithm automatically tracks their speed. Once they surpass six miles per hour (or 10 kilometers per hour), the app switches to a plain screen with a “You’re Safer Now” button in the middle. The button returns the phone to the home screen.

During this phase, the app starts accumulating points. This lasts until the trip either ends, in which the driver keeps their allotted points, or until the driver hits the “You’re Safer Now” button. If the button is pressed, the driver loses the points from the trip, but gains full access to their phone prematurely.

After logging successful trips without hitting the “You’re Safer Now” button, users may serendipitously receive rewards from Kiip’s brand partners. Featured rewards include discounts and free samples from brands. Messages from Snickers may congratulate your responsible choices; content from Folgers may energize your drive; or rewards from Vitacraves may focus on keeping you healthy. This is the first instance of rewards inside SafeDrive, but a natural fit for an app that already gamifies user behavior.

“The mobile rewards Kiip delivers
are exactly what our users want.

“The partnership with Kiip is very natural due to our approach in solving the texting-while-driving problem,” stated SafeDrive CEO and Co-Founder Tudor Cobalas. “Our app rewards good behavior and the mobile rewards Kiip delivers are exactly what our users want.”

Kiip CEO and Co-Founder Brian Wong also shared his enthusiasm. “Nothing means more to us than the well-being of our users. We look forward to keeping drivers safe and distraction-free; encouraging this through rewards makes perfect sense.”

This initiative is part of Kiip’s “Responsible Rewards,” encouraging users to stay safe all summer long. Recently, Kiip launched a Corporate Social Responsibility campaign with Campari America and Lyft. Leveraging Kiip’s “Moments Targeting” technology and day-parting, the three companies located the mobile moments when users were apt to drink, and supplied them with Lyft credits for the ride home. Earlier this summer, Kiip also teamed up with Breathometer, a smart breathalyzer, to reward users under the influence with credits from HotelTonight and ridesharing apps.

This SafeDrive partnership is an extension of that goodwill, focusing on community and personal wellness.

To learn more about Kiip and SafeDrive, watch the videos embedded below.

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