Your Summer Reward: Kiip the Roads Safe, Win a New Phone

We wanted to give a shout out to one of our favorite new apps on the market: SafeDrive. They’re launching in the US just in time to make summer safer!


SafeDrive is an app aimed at making the roads safer for everyone. It’s simple: Open SafeDrive when you get in your car. Once you exceed six miles per hour, the app blocks out your phone’s other content and displays only a “You’re Safe Now” button. By leaving your phone alone and focusing on the road, you accumulate points through SafeDrive’s marketplace, an online shop with discounted products from partner companies. When you reach your destination without touching your phone, SafeDrive automatically inserts the points into your account. If before your destination, you instead press the “You’re Safe Now” button to text, fiddle with music, etc., you lose the points from your trip.

The app also hosts “PlayRounds,” individual contests in which drivers compete with their highest points trip, and “Safeathlons,” a way of gamifying mass-organized responsible driving. For each day that a driver completes a trip with SafeDrive, they receive a chance to win the Safeathlon, while each invited friend garners them two more chances.

SafeDrive’s goal of distraction-free driving – and how it incentivizes responsibility – makes it a partner we can’t help but love. So to celebrate their launch into the US, we wanted to spread the word about their NEW Product Hunt page. Check it out here!

If you like the idea, help us vote! SafeDrivers who upvote the Product Hunt page get an extra 25 chances to win the Safeathlon. There are two prizes, each consisting of an iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, depending on what you fancy.

Create safer roads, win a cool contest … only you can make a difference.

Link here:

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