How SDKs Affect App Ratings in the App Store

MixRank is a mobile intelligence company that monitors in-app technologies and advertising campaigns to identify industry trends.

Using MixRank, we examined data from over 242 million reviews across apps that have incorporated SDKs from Kiip and and 11 other monetization companies: SessionM, Tapjoy, Millennial Media, Admob, Chartboost, RevMob, MoPub, iAd, InMobi, JumpTap and MediaBrix. For perspective, the average app rating on MixRank is 3.72 stars. The 11 other monetization companies maintain app ratings between 3.4 – 4.05 stars.

app rating

The most successful app rating

At the time of this post, Kiip rates the highest out of the dozen monetization companies with 4.12 stars. Apps with Kiip’s SDK incorporated fare 10.2% better than the average app and higher than any of the competitors in the study. Moreover, Kiip’s SDKs rate with the highest percentage of five-star ratings, indicating that users overwhelmingly prefer engaging with Kiip-enabled apps.

Thousands of mobile apps use Kiip to monetize. Kiip delivers relevant rewards to users during “achievement moments,” such as when a user wins a level of a mobile game or logs a completed workout in a fitness app. These apps range across a variety of verticals, from food to entertainment and have comprised over four million reviews in the app store. Users love it, and have expressed that they’re more likely to download an app with Kiip rewards enabled.

Engage your users and monetize your app with Kiip today.


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