Little-Known Cheats for Slack

HipChat is out. Slack is in.

It’s shiny and new. Developers love it, startups love it and we love it. If you’ve been living under a rock, read below for little-known cheats on our favorite group messaging app. They’ll make you ditch whatever barbaric chat you currently use and switch to the dark side.


1. Emojis

Slack lets you create custom emojis on this page. You can set pictures of your coworkers when you type their :name:, or just generally fool around with brightly colored non-smiley faces. It brings a splash of humor to the workday, especially when you start adding :ronaldo:, :wutang: and :facepalm:.

2. Slackbot responses

To amp up the game even more, you can set Slackbot to automatically say custom responses when you type keywords. If you’ve got a deal with a big partner coming up, Slackbot could ping their company logo. Or if you just want to troll your coworkers, you can set commonly used phrases to slip in, say, a GIF of Kanye with googly eyes.

kanye west

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3. Shortcuts

Slack has a slew of awesome shortcuts that will save you time and searches. Press ⌘+? on Mac or Ctrl+? on Windows to see the list. Some helpful ones: ⌘+k or ⌘+t to switch between channels, groups and direct chats and the esc key to mark an item as read.

4. Search

We’ve all been in the situation when your boss has asked you to do something over chat. You’re busy, so you mentally archive the request for a later time. Except when that time comes, you can’t remember what you were supposed to do. Luckily, Slack comes in like a kryptonite-resistant Superman to save the day with search modifiers like in:, has:, from: and during:. Even if you can’t remember the conversation topic, you can filter the search to a specific day, week or month.

5. Stars

You can mark items as important by starring them manually or with the shortcut shift+⌘+s. The best part is the items organize themselves chronologically, so you have a prioritized to-do list created in seconds.

6. Formatting

If you think shorthand is for plebs, use Slack formatting cheats for a layout that looks boss.

  • Add *asterisks* for bold face.
  • Add _underscores_ for italics.
  • Surround text with single backticks (`) for inline fixed-width text.
  • Add > before a line, which will indent that line, blockquote-style.

Plus way more.

7. Integrations

There are a ton of apps you can integrate into Slack. Integrations enable you to view team activity on all the tools you use outside of Slack. Our favorite app integrations include Giphy, Google Hangouts, Dropbox and Trello. Check out the full list of available integrations here.

8. And the absolute best cheat at all …

… Is the ability to edit the last comment you made by pressing the up arrow. It’s handy when you’ve accidentally written a direct message in a team channel or pasted the wrong link into chat, letting everyone see your personal photos from that trip to Vegas rather than a new Chrome extension.


Image source: Facebook

For more tricks, check out Slack’s original post on Medium: 11 Useful Tips for Getting the Most out of Slack. Or check out their company blog – it’s a great resource and they share our motto about happiness!

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