Sneak Peek: Rewards on Apple Watch

As many of our loyal readers know, Kiip isn’t just for mobile.

We’ve partnered with Mojio to bring rewards to your car. We showed users what Kiip-integrated wearables could look like on the mountain. Now, with the advent of Apple Watch, rewards have reached a whole new level.

We mocked up some Apple Watch rewards, so developers could get a preview of what moments will look like on – what is sure to be – the most popular wearable to date.

Imagine waking up for your morning workout. You slip on your Apple Watch, tie your shoes and head out the door for a brisk jog around the neighborhood. At the end of the run, you check your watch and see a reward celebrating your hard work.

Watch 2 copy

Considering monetization strategy as part of the brainstorming process is vital when building apps, for any device. Monetization should never be an afterthought. Rewards enable developers to engage users on a limited screen space, while providing advertising that users actually like. It’s the first step to building a more connected, rewarding future.

Of course, rewards on wearables will look a little different than rewards on mobile. If you have any questions about design, you can email our success team. We’re happy to help.

Happy building!

Rewards lead to higher engagement among users and better monetization for developers. 84 percent of mobile users say they prefer mobile rewards vs. ads, and over 3,000 games and apps already use Kiip to monetize. Learn more about Kiip at


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