Standard Notifications Retire April 2

After collecting a year’s worth of data, we discovered something big. Standard Notifications just don’t work very well. There are far better solutions within the Kiip SDK that already exist.

With that in mind, we’re pulling the plug on Standard Notifications April 2nd. Here’s what you can do to prepare.



NOTE: If you currently use Direct-to-Fullscreen rewards, this does not affect you.

Option A: Integrate Custom Notifications

Custom performs 5x better than standard

Custom Notifications see 5x higher in-app engagement (on average) than Standard Notifications. Custom Notifications provide a clean user experience that convert at a much higher rate.

Here’s how you can get started with Custom Notifications:

  1. See Examples of integrated Custom Notifications
  2. Visit the custom integration docs
  3. Email Kiip with questions

Option B: Switch to Direct-to-Fullscreen Rewards

Direct performs 3x better than standard notification

Direct-to-Fullscreen rewards see 3x higher in-app engagement (on average) than Standard Notifications. Apps using Standard Notifications will automatically switch to Direct-to-Fullscreen rewards April 2nd.

Direct-to-Fullscreen rewards display the reward outright, without the additional notification.

NOTE: This may require changing moment positioning for moments occurring during gameplay. Email us with questions about this.

Please let us know any feedback about this change. We are flexible and we want to hear it. Email

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