Any.DO Uses Rewards to Monetize Their App

Any.DO is a mobile productivity app that helps you manage your everyday life in a simple, clever and fun way.
Any.DO wanted to celebrate everyday achievement moments in a way that felt natural.

Their Solution
Any.DO used Native Notifications and Real Rewards to congratulate people for planning their day or swiping tasks as completed in their mobile app.

Using Native Notifications, Any.DO rewards millions of users in a way that feels natural to their brand.

Any.DO earns a $36 eCPM with KiipVideo
Watch Omer Perchik, Founder & CEO at Any.DO talk about why they added Kiip Rewards to their productivity app.


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Top Brands in Any.DO

Toys R UsStaples Secret Nature Valley

Monetize Like Any.DO

Integrating Kiip’s SDK to Any.DO was really quick and straightforward. The docs were really helpful, and the sample projects on GitHub made it easy to create the custom tailored experience we needed.

– Eran Shirazi, Any.DO 

Monetize your app. Reward your users.

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  • Tom

    Why are so many people happy about this? They are just spamming advertisements to you. If the “reward” culminates in you buying something that you didn’t want to buy in the first place, then you are being marketed to.

    That’s fine in the free version, but even in the paid version (which is a membership) they still spam these “rewards” by default.

  • Oleg Avrah

    AnyDo is really nice app but no so cool as FamilyInSafe! :)

    Core features are free but if you want to share tasks or set up location-based reminders you should buy subscription.

    All mentioned features are free at FamilyInSafe app.

    Check it now!