What If Tinder Offered Rewards?

Seeking Alpha, a financial analysis site, posted an article last week debating how it thought Tinder should monetize. It listed a couple strategies, with Kiip’s moment-based rewards ranking high on its list.

Well, the idea resonated with us. To elaborate on the execution, we’ve set up a few sample moments and rewards, based off Tinder’s playful disposition.


Image source: Flickr, user: Jamie Solorio


Every app has moments when the user feels accomplished. Moments include advancing to the next level in a mobile game, logging a completed workout in a fitness app or crossing an item off a to-do list in a productivity app.

Kiip enlists a technology called “Moments Targeting” to discern the moments in apps that have the highest positive valence, or positive emotions, attached. For instance, when a user beats a level within a mobile game, they feel feel 40 percent more excitement than at other points within the app. By targeting these moments, brands can connect with consumers in a happy, non-intrusive fashion.

If Tinder partnered with Kiip to offer moment-based rewards, it could deliver rewards during a few moments that it already owns. For instance, users experience positive valence when they receive a new match, send the first message in a new chat or receive a message after a period of downtime.

Tinder users understand the excitement that happens during these events. It makes sense to take advantage of these by celebrating positive feelings with rewards.

Kiip-Tinder moment


There are various routes rewards can take with Tinder. We’ve put together five of our favorite ideas.

1. For ladies who get gussied up before dates, Kiip partners with Sephora to offer discounts on popular beauty products. A deal on that perfect shade of red lipstick could be one right swipe away.

2. Coffee is a standard go-to activity for first dates: you get to break the ice in a safe setting while you chatter over caffeine. Kiip partners with Starbucks to deliver free coffee after in-app achievements.

3. For those who like a little more booze during their dates, Kiip offers Kahlua tumblers as rewards. Skip wining and dining and go straight to pouring your beau a nightcap back at your place.

4. We may not be in high school listening to homemade CDs like “Makeout Mixtape Vol. 1” anymore, but sometimes you need to add a little soul to your evening’s soundtrack. A free MP3 lets you pick the song that will woo your beloved.

5. And if locking lips is a priority, freshen up first with a stick of Trident. They’ll thank you during that goodnight kiss.

Are there any apps you’d like to see partner with Kiip? Drop us a line below or connect with us on Twitter and let us know your thoughts.

**Disclaimer** Kiip has no business relationship with Tinder. This post is simply a response piece to Seeking Alpha.

Rewards lead to higher engagement among users and better monetization for developers. 84 percent of mobile users say they prefer mobile rewards vs. ads, and over 3,000 games and apps already use Kiip to monetize. Learn more about Kiip at kiip.me/developers.



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  • Dominik Bleilevens

    I think it could work but you have to watch out that people don’t start to keep on swiping right, just to receive a reward.
    A good way to avoid this could be by binding the reward to the match, so you only receive it when you two are really going together on a date or drink a coffee.
    An additional interesting partner would be public transportation or car sharing services so they can get to the location of the date.

    • brittanyfleit

      That’s great insight. We have partnered with Uber before; it would be a terrific reward to receive on Tinder.