The App-by-App Guide to Getting Valentine Moments Right

Valentine’s Day is almost here – love it or hate it. Unfortunately, with half of adult Americans now declared single and the other half stressing over V-Day arrangements, there might be more in the latter camp than we’d like to believe.

Luckily, we put together five apps that will take away the stress of flowers, reservations and even finding a mate. Chill out: we’ve got you covered.

Valentine's Day Apps

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Step 1: Find a date with Skout

If you’re going to woo your date on Valentine’s, the first step is to find a date. This is where Skout comes in. Skout locates users by distance, so you can find an interested match nearby. Skout then gives you the option to send them traditional chats – complete with emoji, of course – or opt for an elevated experience with voice messages, pictures and gifts.

Valentine's Day Apps: Skout

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Step 2: Send a card with Red Stamp

Surprise your sweetie with a personalized card from Red Stamp. This app enables users to create custom greeting cards for any occasion, by adding your own photos and kind thoughts. After you’ve created your masterpiece, share it with as many people as you’d like across social media. Or Red Stamp will print it out for you and send it via good ol’ snail mail.

Valentine's Day Apps: Red Stamp

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Step 3: Send flowers with BloomThat

BloomThat classifies itself as “flowers on demand.” The app does just that by guaranteeing flower delivery in under 90 minutes – faster than any other flower app we could find. For the procrastinators out there who forgot to send their boo blossoms, BloomThat is the solution that will save the day.

Unfortunately, the app is limited to California deliveries right now, but we can’t wait for that to expand. Non-locals can turn to the well-known 1-800 Flowers for an alternative.

Valentine's Day Apps: BloomThat

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Step 4: Wine and dine with OpenTable

You knew this app was going to make the list. If you’ve waited until the last minute, reservations are nearly impossible to get on Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, OpenTable has your back. Browse the app for reservations at the best restaurants in your city and send the confirmation straight to your loved one. They’ll believe you were thinking about them all along.

Valentine's Day Apps: OpenTable

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Step 5: Initiate cuddling with Cuddlr

Okay, so Cuddlr is more about finding people who want to cuddle than it is initiating cuddling as an activity. But when you want to cozy up with a snuggle buddy, Cuddlr is the place to go. The app comes with a sense of humor, too; Cuddlr features critiques from The Onion, MTV and Dan Savage.

Valentine's Day Apps: Cuddlr

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