Why Moment-Based Rewards Are Different to Apple

Recently, there’s been a lot of discussion around Apple rejecting apps that use incentives to view app trailers. I want to take this opportunity to clear up a few things and share how Kiip views the subject.

It is worth noting that at the time of this post, Apple has not released an official statement or replied to requests for comments. The limited evidence reported by the press displays Apple sending rejections for use of incentivized video, specifically when the video is used for app promotions that have an effect on app rankings, chart position or app downloads. Apple has always had an issue with marketing tactics that affect app rankings.

Source: TechCrunch

We created Kiip four years ago to help brands connect with people in more meaningful ways on mobile. We believe mobile marketing is about engagement, emotion and creating reciprocal connections between brands and people. It didn’t surprise us when we learned Apple was rejecting apps for promoting other apps. We promote brands.

The basis of our moment-based rewards differs from the marketing tactics under fire. We do not earn revenue from helping apps move up the charts. Our revenue comes from partnering with trusted brands to bring users rewards they love. Rewards can be both real, like a bag of Sour Patch Kids, and virtual, but we never offer an invented points system. We do not require a persistent UI that displays rewards through offer walls or incentivizes app downloads through video views. Rewards are always delivered serendipitously, during in-app achievement moments.

As we wait for Apple to make an official statement, Kiip remains confident that our moments-based model is exactly the type of innovation this industry needs. We’re changing the way brands engage with people on mobile.

Think different.

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