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Your mobile app can’t hack it in the US? Launch abroad and double your user base, using these research-backed insights.


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We connected with Marcos Sanchez, App Annie’s VP of Global Corporate Communications, to talk about localization best practices. For developers, localization is a vital step along the path to mobile app success.

Localization involves tweaking your app for another country. This means language translation and cultural translation, like date formats and measurement systems.

It is important though to make sure that [developers] understand that localization is not simply translation to a new language. The culture and attitudes of a given international market may mean change in features, naming or even approach.”

Why localize? The US isn’t the only country that downloads apps; there’s a huge market worldwide. Localizing means people in other countries are more likely to download your app.

Even if people in your target country understand English and can use an app in English, they may not search for an app in English. Localization starts with app store optimization (ASO) in foreign languages. Translating the title, description, keywords, etc. will allow users to find your app easily. Furthermore, translating text users read within the app provides a better user experience.

Start by translating to the official language of the country. When you’ve completed that, and you’ve monitored download and rating progress, add other languages. Each country has a smaller international base that speaks specific dialects and unofficial languages.

Luckily, there are a surplus of resources out there. Sensor Tower offers a study that breaks down the languages within each country. For more about platform-specific localization, Apple and Google offer an iOS guide and Android checklist.

Your potential users aren’t limited to your neighbors. Expand your reach, like some of the biggest players today have, and you can expand your wallet.

King released a special version of Candy Crush for the South Korean market on the popular Kakao messaging platform to expand its customer base there, which was a huge hit. Adopting analytics in your company culture, and using them to drive business decisions is a critical piece of anyone’s approach to major business decisions.”

For more about launching in new markets, be on the lookout for our next post, where we delve into the data on world app trends.

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