Why You Should Make Your Apps Resizable Right Now

There are rumors that Apple will release larger iPhones this Fall.

Fueling these rumors are early iPhone renders and cases built from iPhone 6 specs that were supposedly sent to manufacturers. Apple hasn’t mentioned it yet, but we’re fairly confident that larger iPhones are on the way.

For developers, one of the biggest issues with the new screen size is ensuring apps scale for the new size. The release of the iPhone 5 was the most recent screen size change for Apple. It took most developers months to bring apps up to current design standards. Even now, there’s a wasteland of iPhone 4-sized apps that look outdated or experience letterboxing on iPhone 5. I’m hoping this doesn’t happen again.

When speaking with developers during WWDC, the number one thing we kept hearing about were frequent run-ins with Apple employees emphasizing the development of resizable apps. The moment a third developer confirmed this encounter, we knew app resizability must be a big talking point for Apple.

Apple has not explained why their employees would recommend resizable apps at the time of this posting. This potentially leads developers down a path of little warning. It’s more than likely apps with the ability to resize will garner more downloads in the event of a newly-sized device. If you’re betting on a larger iPhone 6 this fall, resizability should become a priority over the next three months. If Apple launches a larger phone, you can be sure they’ll exclusively feature apps that size up for the new device.

So what’s can developers do now?

Read this and design your app with size-classes in mind: http://carpeaqua.com/2014/06/14/thinking-in-terms-of-ios-8-size-classes/

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