Win Your League with These 5 Fantasy Football Apps

Fútbol had its time to shine during the World Cup. Now, it’s time for America’s true pastime. The real football.

We’ve assembled a list of five apps that will keep you up-to-date this football season and help you dominate your fantasy league.

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1. NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet

There are dozens of fantasy football apps, but NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet takes the cake. The app gives you the need-to-know info, with news, rankings, player stats from the last three seasons and a way to manage multiple drafts.

nfl fantasy cheat sheet

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2. Team Stream

For breaking news, Bleacher Report’s Team Stream is your go-to app. Team Stream gives you up-to-the-minute stories on players. Reports come from all over: local news sources, blogs and even Twitter for the fastest possible postings on roster updates, free agent signings and injury news. 

team stream

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3. Fanium Fantasy Football 2014

Fanium helps you assemble, trade and track the players in your fantasy football league. Push notifications keep you updated, and an easy-to-use interface allows you to add and drop players to maximize your fantasy points.

The app’s shining feature: an in-app chat function that allows you to trash talk your competition like Taco, Ruxin and the rest of the gang.


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4. 365Scores

365Scores is your insider ticket to the NFL. On the app, you can access everything you need to win your Fantasy Football league this year. 

Users get real-time updates from their favorite teams, with events, live statistics, lineups and goal highlights included. The app also includes news announcements, so you’re aware of injured players right when it happens. 

Bonus: The Android app is also Kiip-enabled.


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5. Yahoo Fantasy Football 

Yahoo Fantasy Football received a major redesign this season, and it’s a big hit among users. It’s so great, in fact, that Kiip’s own @SahilRoyVerma named it his favorite fantasy football app yet.

The app covers all the basics: managing your roster, making trades, reading breaking news and accessing community forums. The app also provides analysis from fantasy experts at Rotoworld and (of course) Yahoo, so you can rest assured you have the best lineup that week.

When the Super Bowl is long past, you can keep using the app to manage your hockey, baseball and basketball teams, as well.

yahoo fantasy football

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BONUS: Big Win Football

If you can’t get enough of the real thing, play the game yourself. Big Win Football enables you to create and coach your own dream team. Challenge Facebook friends and players from around the world on what is (arguably) the best mobile gridiron game.

For an added win, Big Win’s app is also Kiip-enabled. Celebrate your virtual victories with rewards. 

big win football

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