8 Visual Tools for the Artistically Challenged

Whether you’re a PR professional, blogger, content marketer or small business owner, at some point you’re going to need visual content. The good thing is, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to make fabulous visuals. There are tons of tools out today that can help you create polished and professional visuals with virtually no artistic skills.


1. Canva

If you’re not using it, you’ve been missing out. It’s number one on everyone’s visual tools list for a reason. It’s a super easy way to make visual assets for almost anything social media, presentation, posters, etc. They have great templates and graphic selections, and most of them are free or cheap ($1-2). Go ahead and add Graphic Designer to your resume now!

2. Hubspot’s Free Infographic Templates

Do you wish you could take all your data and turn it into a cool infographic? Good thing Hubspot is a wish granting factory…well, at least infographic wishes. Save yourself hours of time and a ton of headache and use Hubspot’s templates. They are also completely customizable, so you can maintain your company’s brand.


3. Infogr.am

If you want to take infographics to the next level and make them intereactive then Infogr.am can help you do it. You can use this online design to add graphs, maps, text and even playable videos to your graphic. It also has social sharing tools built right in, making your graphic easily shareable on social media platforms.


4. Type Genius

Are you horrible at choosing appropriate fonts and font combinations? Good thing there’s Type Genius. They have tons of suggested font combinations to choose from and even give you examples of how they look on REAL websites. You don’t have to be a genius to use Type Genius.

5. Google Drawings

This is like Microsoft Paint on steroids. It’s polished, professional and it’s easy to use. You can connect it to your personal Gmail account or your company’s to easily share and collaborate on a project.


6. Awesome Screen Shot

Really, it’s awesome. It’s a one stop shot to crop, edit and annotate screenshots. This browser extension can be used with Firefox and Chrome. It’s super easy to use and we promise you, you’ll never go back to your old screenshot ways.

7. PlaceIt

Gone are the days of manually editing screenshots into stock photos of phones, ipads, laptops and televisions. Enter…PlaceIt. With PlaceIt you can upload photos directly into stock photo templates and bring your screenshots to life.


8. Death To The Stock Photo

Speaking of stock photos, can you ever have too many? If you’re like us, we are in constant need of stock photos for everything: social media, blog posts, websites, sales materials. Death To The Stock Photo is an awesome resource to build your arsenal of images. Sign-up for Death To The Stock Photo and they’ll send you a weekly batch of images. All you have to do is save them to your computer and use them as needed.



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