How to Gain 10 New Twitter Followers a Day in 10 Seconds

This is Week 7 in the 10 Growth Experiments in 10 Weeks series. We’re running 10 experiments to see which  growth strategies are the most promising for Kiip’s business model and current state. Follow us on Twitter to get more marketing updates.

Growth Hacking is Like Space Exploration

The goal of these Twitter experiments is to grow a follower base. Admittedly, some of the methods are shady, but you never know until you try! I tested three different experiments:

1. Buying 1,000 followers for $5 on Fiverr

2. Favoriting a few tweets in specific categories with Followr

3. Mass favoriting tweets in one specific category with iMacros for Chrome

Below I’ll walk you through setting up the experiments and the results of each.

How to buy 1,000 followers for $5

Buying followers seems like a cry for social media attention. Maybe it is. My justification is that it adds credibility to my profile. The ratio of followers/followees is an indicator of influence — the higher the ratio, the more influence. Before buying followers I was around a 1 ratio, but after a robust 3:

buying twitter followers

This credibility helped when I started favoriting tweets about relevant topics, as outlined below.

How to favorite 30 targeted tweets a day

Followr is a tool built by Zach Tratar that allows you to choose keywords and automatically favorite tweets talking about those keywords. I chose “mobile commerce”, “mCommerce”, and “growth hacking” as my focuses. As long as you keep a Chrome window open, Followr will open Twitter every 30 minutes, crawl for relevant tweets, and favorite them. The users behind the tweets of course get a notification, hopefully checkout your profile, and then follow you back. It’s a great way to interact with relevant users at scale.

After a week of use, Followr brought in an average of two highly-targeted followers a day.

How to favorite 1000 targeted tweets a day

iMacros is a browser automator – record specific behavior and iMacros will replay it in a script. Favoriting a tweet is a perfect example of a task that can be automated. I created a simple script which allowed me to take the amazing targeting behind Followr and add scale. Here’s the process step-by-step:

1. Install the iMacros Chrome Extension

2. Search for a relevant term in Twitter. I chose “mCommerce” because mobile commerce apps are Kiip’s target advertiser audience

Twitter 2

3. Open up the iMacros Chrome extension

4. Click “Record Macro” and then “Stop”

Twitter record macro

5. You now have a macro editor window up

Twitter macro editor

6. Replace all the code in macro editor with the line below:


7. Click “Save As & Close” and save your macro as a bookmark.

8. Make sure you’re on the Twitter search results screen. Then highlight your newly created macro:

twitter new macro

9. Now you’re going to play the macro in a loop. Set current to 1 and max to 50, then click “Play Loop”:

twitter play loop

10. That’s it! You just favorited the top 50 tweets in the highly-focused keyword of your choice. Note that you cannot favorite more than 1,000 tweets in one day, or you will get banned.

This little trick brings in upwards of 20 followers each day. Best of all, the users are all focused in the topic of your choosing!

In coordination these methods can help you expand your Twitter influence in simple and constructive ways!

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  • Nick

    Interesting article. I’ll be trying out the iMacros experiment, to see how it works out. Buying followers from Fiverr might be cheap, but did you find them to be targeted? Follwr also looks interesting, but I like the iMacros experiment the best.

    • brittanyfleit

      Thanks for commenting, Nick! iMacros is definitely a cool trick. Let us know how the experiment goes!

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      Thanks for the notice, Katie! Everything should be fixed.

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