How to generate leads with thought leadership

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The goal of our eBook on mCommerce Best Practices is to generate leads from mCommerce apps. When we launched the Kiip Self-Serve product last fall, our plan was to test as many campaign types as possible until we found an advertiser segment that delivered consistent return on investment. Mobile commerce apps is that segment — HotelTonight, Summon, Expedia, eBay, and more have tremendous results acquiring users on the Kiip network. This eBook is one step towards solidifying Kiip’s thought leadership in the mCommerce space and becoming an even better advertising partner for those companies.

Distribution is key to thought leadership success

Two weeks since the eBook was published, it has been viewed 900 times. We distributed the guide using three strategies:

  1. Post in relevant communities

  2. Share through social influencers

  3. Publish across our own social channels

Post in relevant communities

We published the guide in GrowthHackers,, and the Growth Hacking sub-reddit. Each of these communities is focused on driving revenue and/or user growth. Of course, mobile user acquisition is a major focus for these communities, which makes them a great audience for an eBook on building and growing mobile properties.

GrowthHackers is the largest source of traffic for the guide, predominantly because we were in the top 5 posts for almost two days.

Share through social influencers

One of the major benefits of interviewing industry experts is the promotional advantage after the content is published. All ten of the interviewed companies published the guide through their social channels. This immediately 10x-ed our reach and added credibility to the content.

Publish across our own social channels

We promoted the guide through our Twitter stream, Facebook page, and our CEO’s LinkedIn account. Twitter generated the most traffic, followed by Facebook and LinkedIn.

Email-gate your content to get a return on your investment

To collect lead information, we hosted the guide on Gumroad and drove traffic there. Originally, we didn’t gate the content and instead asked readers to sign up for a promotional campaign where we would match up to $1,000 in new campaign spend. Only one person signed up from 650 views, so we decided to email-gate the full guide. Since that decision was made, the blog post about the guide was visited 250 times, the Gumroad page was viewed 65 times, and the guide was downloaded 26 times. The quality of leads has been outstanding – two have already signed on as Kiip clients.

Thought leadership as a customer acquisition strategy is laborious, but long-lasting. With this resource in place, we can demonstrate our excellence to potential clients and scale inbound marketing.


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