Kiip’s New Reward Design Increased User Engagement by 27.2%

It’s no secret that offering rewards to mobile users who achieve unique moments is Kiip’s ongoing anthem. And just like beautifully wrapped presents, we want to make sure our gifts to users look damn good. This year we knew it was time to redesign not only the aesthetic, but the overall Kiip reward experience.

When Kiip launched five years ago, we had the intention of redefining the ad experience by using rewards instead of intrusive pop-ups. We wanted to create mobile advertising that people actually liked. By targeting moments of achievement to bring the user serendipitous rewards, we did just that. Being one of the pioneers for mobile rewards wasn’t an excuse to avoid upgraded design, if anything – we recognized it as our responsibility to keep up with today’s technology and to respect the user

Our reward unit rewards almost 30 million people every month, so it is extremely worthwhile but critical task to attempt a redesign. We took months of user experience studies and data from how people redeem rewards to come up with an improved design. The end result:


Responsive compatibility for larger screens

Screens for iPhones and Androids have gotten bigger, and our WebSDK brought us a whole new range of screen sizes to design around. Wanting to create something fresh and fluid without making the new unit feel unfamiliar, we knew that responsiveness was a major focus. Kiip has received requests from developers to create better scaling for larger screen sizes and to style the unit to look more native to the app it was hosted in.

“We started with a nice long list of constraints and features that we had to work with, then basically said ‘Okay, now we have to make all of this really flexible for all screen sizes and aspect ratios.’” –Cori Huang, Product Designer at Kiip.

A new “detached” design

The previous reward unit was a typical pop-up window with a nicer skin. For the new unit, elements were “detached”  (ie: close button, terms & conditions button, and legal copy) to take advantage of screen space and to adapt more modern design.


Stored e-mails for easier one tap redemption 

Gone are the days of users typing in their e-mails over and over. Now a more streamlined experience, users who have already entered their e-mails to claim rewards can use one tap redemption.

Color coded design for clear delineation between real and virtual rewards

Now users can clearly differentiate between real rewards like iTunes giftcards and virtual rewards like game currency using a color coded system.

“I think user experience and trust are things commonly ignored by advertisers. This is something the Kiip brand values, both from a product and design perspective. Our unit isn’t designed to trick anyone into engaging with brands, just trying to appeal through good design.” -Amadeus Demarzi, Co-Founder and Director of Design at Kiip.

We already had average engagement rates of 15%. We wanted to see how we could do even better than that and we did. Since the redesigns launched in September we have seen a 27.2% increase in engagement rates.

Kiip’s new and improved reward unit also goes beyond the user experience and can benefit developers and brands. The scaling of the unit can open up new avenues and opportunities for apps, its upgraded framework allows for the ability to introduce new features and enhancements.

Check out the demo!

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    Is there any way I can stop kiip rewards from popping up on my apps?