Using Quora to Build your B2B Presence

This is Week 6 in the 10 Growth Experiments in 10 Weeks series. We’re running 10 experiments to see which  growth strategies are the most promising for Kiip’s business model and current state. Follow us on Twitter to get more marketing updates.

Planet Q&A: Take me to your answer

Quora is a unique opportunity to engage with intent-filled customers. Arguably better than a Google search, when someone asks the question “What’s the best option for mobile advertising?”, she is actively seeking a solution. Our goal with answering questions on Quora is to build our brand presence in the mobile advertising space while driving quality leads to our site. There’s a balance between giving valuable answers to questions and pitching your own product. If the question directly pertained to Kiip, I’d drop a link at the bottom of my answer. If it was a more generic mobile advertising question, I’d use insights from our campaigns at Kiip and leave it at that.

Building a Quora presence is a long journey

Over 2 months, I answered 40 questions which generated 550 views in the topics Kiip, Mobile Advertising, and Growth Hacking. Of those 550 views, 22 generated clicks to Kiip’s main website or blog, and none of them registered.


The 2% click-through rate isn’t bad, but the scale just isn’t there. It seems that success using Quora comes when a question you answer gets top SEO results. With that surge in intent-driven traffic, you can see more qualified users hit your landing page.


Answering 40 questions took me about 15 hours over the 2 month time period. There was no return on that time investment, but I’ll continue to answer questions in the Kiip topic to make sure interested Quora users are properly informed. If Quora develops tools aimed towards B2B marketers, I’d be happy to try them as there’s outstanding intent waiting to be converted!


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  • I hope you don’t mind some constructive suggestions, as you might be missing how to use Quora to best advantage.

    1. Like with any content, it’s a long-term investment and results come over the long-term, rather than during a short marketing test. Your answers will continue to attract views, click-throughs and general awareness of your brand for years to come. Plus, the more followers you attract over time, the more exposure your answers receive.

    2. It’s not about pitching your own products at all (which you refer to in terms of finding a balance), but solely about giving as much value as possible in answer to a question – rather than linking to your own site to sell something which simply won’t work, link to content on your blog that further explains your answer (or an element of it), though only after giving a full answer on Quora. This is non-promotional and attracts many more click-throughs. You can then convert that traffic into leads through content upgrades and so on.

    3. By contributing regularly, you build up awareness of your brand, attract recognition as an expert for your topic, and build up followers – this ‘audience’ can become very valuable over time.

    4. Direct click-throughs from Quora only tell you part of the story. By mentioning your domain in your bio for a question, you’ll also get people visiting you directly, though this won’t show in GA as originating from Quora of course.

    5. A side value of contributing regularly to Quora is seeing what information your marketplace are looking for. You can then create content on your blog that fully addresses those questions. This is laser-targeted content for your marketplace, and of course you then have it in your arsenal to help answer more questions on Quora, and another helpful resource you can link back to.

    Hope the above proves useful.