Lyft Speaks Up About Mobile Experience

This is the first in a series of interviews with top product managers at mobile-focused companies. The interviews include exclusive content covering best practices, KPI optimizations, mobile predictions and more.

@FrankYoo, Lyft’s Director of Product Design, sat down with Kiip to discuss his experience building a mobile product that users love.


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How to Drive Millions of Downloads for Your App

@MarioWynands, Managing Director of PikPok, knows a thing or two about marketing mobile apps. His game Turbo FAST just crossed the 50 million download mark, and his other games have seen similar success.

Most developers only dream of building apps that acquire millions of users. To help them navigate the road to success, Mario shared some of his insights into the marketing world with us.

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5 Strategies to Increase Holiday Sales

As the holiday season approaches, brands race to offer consumers the biggest sales and exclusive offers by advertising everywhere from bus stops to commercials. Consumers are flooded with message after message, as they commute to work, browse the web and turn on the TV.

There is one place, however, where brands should concentrate their efforts. According to a study by eMarketer, 18-20 percent of holiday shopping occurs on mobile. It’s likely that this growth will rise with each year, so reach your customers where and when engagement is high.

Most marketers have already covered the basics: optimizing their mobile website, building cross-platform apps and sending push notifications or SMS to notify users of sales. Unfortunately, these tried-but-true tactics will only take you so far. Brands who want to excel at sales need to take their mobile game to the next level.

Kiip Holiday Moments
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Apps with Rewards Retain More Users – Here’s Why

You may have heard about a study on user engagement conducted by IPG Media Lab. It focused on user reactions to moment-based rewards versus traditional ads, including how rewards shaped opinions of brands and mobile apps.

While we anticipated some preference of rewards over ads, we were blown away by how much rewards affected user experience in apps, including excitement, favorability and retention.

user retention phone

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