5 Cannes Lions Winners Changing the World

Cannes Lions was brimming with memorable campaigns this year.

To name a few, there was Soundcloud’s tribute to the Berlin Wall memorial and Apple’s user-submitted gallery of photos shot on an iPhone 6. They were vivid, imaginative and in some instances, haunting.

Yet amid the competitors, a few winners stood tall. These campaigns are making a positive impact on our communities with tangible inventions or tech-driven strategies. And while so many brands claim they’re “changing the world” in startup launches, press releases or product pitches – these winners have truly earned their titles.

Below are our favorite Cannes Lions campaigns of the year. These five Grand Prix winners are changing our world, starting with one interaction.

2015 Cannes Lions Winners

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Meet a Kiiper: Chris Gore

Once every blue moon, we profile a Kiip employee to try to find out a deep, dark secret about their personality. If you like what you’re seeing, check out more on Facebook or Twitter.

At Kiip, we hire the best and brightest. That’s why Chris Gore is on board as Kiip’s data scientist. Below, he shares his thoughts on the field itself, his role in it and the eternal feud: NSYNC vs. Backstreet Boys.

Meet Kiip's Data Scientist, Chris Gore

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Why Ads Should Reward Buyers, Not Interrupt Them

Is advertising thriving? Nope. In its current state, the industry is heading toward doom.

Back in the Mad Men days, advertising was glamorized. Agencies were lauded for their brilliance and ability to determine what was popular in the market. For proof, take a look at the history of diamond ring advertising. Before an agency took control, few folks even thought twice about the stones. One campaign changed the way the world proposed.

Then the switch flipped.

TiVo emerged, enabling viewers to fast-forward past commercials. AdBlock rose in popularity, allowing surfers to erase ads from web pages. Now, gamers opt for premium apps over their free counterparts, so they don’t have to click out of interstitials in between levels.

We’re literally paying to remove advertising as an industry. As advertisers, this means that we have to alter our approach – and fast.


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