If Game of Thrones Was Real: Each House’s “Mobile Sigil”

We were listed in Tap for Tap’s recent post, “The Seven Kingdoms of Mobile Advertising” – as House Stark no less.

So we decided to take things a step further and imagine if the Great Houses were real, would they have favorite mobile apps and games? In honor of Sunday’s new season, we delve into each kingdom’s would-be obsession.

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Kiip Up #48: MasterCard Partnership, New Hires & Events Galore

Hey Kiipers! Welcome back to this month’s Kiip Up, where we dissect the latest company news.

March was pretty hectic, with two new announcements and a handful of speaking engagements around the world. I’m happy to be back home, where Kiip is chugging ahead full-steam into Q2.

San Francisco, the land of Kiip's headquarters

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Reach Your Audience Today. Kiip’s Mobile Users, Segmented by Interest.

At Kiip, we started with mobile games. Unfortunately, we now often get stuck in the box of “in-game advertising.”

Don’t get us wrong; we’re great at reaching gamers. But we’re not limited in our scope. For years, we’ve been live in over 3,000 games and apps ranging across all verticals.

Many brands find themselves in a similar predicament, advertising to one audience while trying to target another. There’s usually one unique demographic that seems just out of reach. Call it the eternal struggle.

This might mean a learning curve in marketing to growing audiences. Think stay-at-home dads, graduating students or everyone’s favorite enigma: always-on millennials. As marketers, you should conveniently launch campaigns that target your desired demographic. There’s no reason to limit your reach because you’re unsure of where to start.

So we set out to demonstrate how Kiip can help brands easily reach their ideal audience.
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How to Future-Proof Your Brand, On Mobile & Beyond

Staying relevant in a constantly changing arena. This is the number one concern I hear from brands.

As the CEO of mobile rewards startup Kiip, I’ve spoken with hundreds of brands. To them, staying relevant means reaching the smartphone generation, launching effective digital campaigns and ensuring their security for the future.

Today, remaining relevant means engaging consumers on mobile. Tomorrow, this could be expanding onto a different platform, like Apple Watch. Five years from now, brands may look to reach newer demographics on smart devices we haven’t yet dreamed up.

No matter the medium, there’s only one trick to future-proofing your brand: focusing on the “moment”.

How to Future-Proof Your Brand

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Older Games Get a New Look with Kiip Rewards

For Throwback Thursday, we’re announcing your favorite older games that now have a new twist – Kiip rewards. There are three new games on the Kiip network that pay tribute to the classics.

Stickman Jump now has Kiip rewards!

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