Everything You Need to Know About Mobile App Analytics

After you’ve created your app, there are a slew of problems that could arise. Users may not understand navigation, they may be confused about functionalities or they may not even use the app the same way you do. In order to determine problems and solutions – and to ensure the success of your app – you must implement analytics.


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What Makes a Performance Campaign Successful – & How to Replicate It

Every performance campaign with Kiip has the chance to succeed. However, more goes into it than just registering. We analyzed the data from our top-performing campaigns – Lucktastic, Scribd, Publishers Clearing House, Quidsi, Julep, Hulu and Rogers – and discovered a few factors they had in common.

performance campaign

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Hothead Games Scores a Big Win in Monetization

The Case Study

Hothead Games is an independent mobile game developer and publisher based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Best known for its Big Win Sports series that includes professional league connections such as Big Win MLB and Big Win NHL, Hothead also produces the military-themed Rivals at War (RAW) series. Hothead Games titles have been downloaded 100 million times.

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Designing Mobile Apps on iOS & Android Platforms

Let’s catch up to speed: you’ve designed a mobile app with these expert suggestions in mind. Now, you’re determining which platform will help you achieve the most success. Here are a few tips.


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How to Design Beautiful Mobile Apps

Hey first-time developers! Designing a mobile app can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are a handful of essential design secrets that will help you create beautiful and intuitive apps. Discover them below and get coding.


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How to Market to the Shrinking Attention Span

If marketing wants to keep up with the shrinking attention span, it needs to adapt or die.

Statistic Brain released a report in 2013 that cites the average human attention span as eight seconds, down from 12 seconds in 2000. To put that in perspective, a goldfish’s attention span clocks in at nine seconds.

Goldfish attention span

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The Common Monetization Mistakes Every App Developer Makes

So you’ve decided to create an app. Brilliant! Be warned, though: creating an app may just be the easy part. The hard part is monetizing it correctly.


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