Breathometer & Kiip Put Rewards in a Smart Breathalyzer

Kiip and Breathometer are partnering to reward responsible decision making when drinking.

The partnership places rewards inside the Breathometer App, supporting the Original Breathometer and Breathometer Breeze, the world’s first wireless and portable breath analysis platform. When drinkers blow a BAC result over .04, halfway to the legal limit, the app offers “Get Home Safe” and “Stay Nearby” features. Ongoing use of the Breathometer products to confirm your current alcohol levels will trigger spontaneous rewards from “get home safe” options like HotelTonight, as well as other health- and wellness-focused brands.

Breathometer & Kiip partner to reward responsible drinking

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The Future of Advertising: Farewell, Mass Marketing

The article below originally appeared as an influencer post for the Wall Street Journal.

As consumers, we love visions of the future in which breathtaking technologies and electronic wizardry are so common they blend in with the furniture. Think of “2001: A Space Odyssey” (with product placements that included Pan Am and the Bell System), or “The Jetsons,” where morning routines were simplified by robots who brushed our teeth and combed our hair.

Jokes aside, these visions weren’t that far off.

Brian Wong Wall Street Journal

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