Mobile-First Consortium: A New Ad Initiative

There’s a new initiative that’s taking the advertising world by storm.

Meet the Mobile-First Consortium, or MFC for short. It recognizes areas where mobile advertising falters; mainly, that there’s a lack of cohesive data standards, key performance indicators (KPIs), creative specifications and a common mobile vocabulary. This leads to a drastic discrepancy between the time consumers spend on mobile and the quality of ads they see.

Meet the Mobile-First Consortium (MFC)

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November’s Viral Ads Will Give You All the Feels

Alright, folks. You know the drill. It’s time for our monthly recap of the best ads. This time, we have something for everyone: animal lovers, gamers, comedians and fashionistas. And of course, as wintertime nears, there are more than a few holiday ads sprinkled in the bunch.

Without further ado …

#SavingHarry & November's viral ads
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Why You’re Losing Your Customers

Say you’re having a conversation with your neighbor. You get on the subject of politics; you lean one way and he leans the other. You’re trying to sell him on your views, but instead he ignores you. Frankly, he finds what you’re saying annoying. What’s your initial reaction? Most people would speak louder.

This is the current state of mobile advertising. If ads are ignored, advertisers start yelling until users notice. Cue flashing banners, interstitials that freeze over app content and video ads that drag on for a full minute. In other words, ads become more annoying.

Inventing a New Permission

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Your Cyber Monday Mobile Checklist

China just had its biggest shopping day of the year: Singles Day.

A little background about the holiday. Singles Day was invented in the early 90s by college students as an anti-Valentine’s Day celebration. It began as a way for the unattached to treat themselves Tom Haverford- and Donna Meagle-style, and has since blown up to be the world’s biggest online shopping day – outspending Cyber Monday.

This year, Singles Day sales reached $9.3 billion for Alibaba, China’s biggest e-commerce company. It blew US shopping holidays out of the water.

Due to its success, there are a few valuable lessons Singles Day can teach us about marketing for online sales closer to home. Here’s what you need to do to prepare for Cyber Monday next week.

Prepare for Cyber Monday deals

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Kiip’s Hackathon – Here Are the Winners!

On Friday, Kiip employees assembled into teams for a company-wide hackathon.

From forecasting tools to charity giveaways, the ideas were numerous and varied. But after the initial dust settled, only a few stood ready to take on the challenge of implementing a new vision in under a day.

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