Increase Ad Engagement with Kiip’s Rich Media Solutions 

Looking to drive ad engagement and create dynamic brand experiences? Get creative with rich media! Studies show that rich media lifted engagement 7.44 times more than standard banners globally in 2016. By combining our signature moments targeting and user insights technology with new ad formats, Kiip has created rich media solutions that pack a unique punch. We transform ads into brand experiences that people not only pay attention to but also enjoy. Here are just some of Kiip’s new rich media formats you can use to connect with consumers on a whole new level.

5 Signs Your Brand is Dropping the Ball on Mobile

All trends are leaning towards mobile first. Americans are spending 51% of their time consuming online media through a mobile device. In the years to come, everything will have to be mobile first, including your marketing strategy. Chances are you’ve at least started thinking about how your brand is going to leverage the mobile space, if not already doing so. But are you doing it right? Here are 5 tell-tale signs you’re not and, in fact, dropping the ball completely.

5 Tips for Making Sure No One Forgets Your Brand

So many companies are in competition these days that a business owner must be sure to make his or her brand name stand out in the crowd. You must take steps to make your brand stand front and center in consumers’ minds so that your brand will be the first brand that they go to when they need something crucial. The following are five tips that explain what you can do to make your brand name be dominant in the minds of the masses. You can try one method or a mixture of methods.