Meet a Kiiper: Charisse Fontes

Our team is comprised of the best and brightest from every field but their dazzling personalities are what really makes Kiip the amazing company that it is. That’s why every month we like to profile a Kiiper so the world can know just how awesome our team is.

In this edition of Meet a Kiiper we caught up with Charisse Fontes. Charisse is THE veteran Kiiper. She is one of the original Kiipers and has been with us since the early days. She’s responsible for all things HR, as well as, creating and maintaining the awesome culture we have here at Kiip.

3 Easy Hacks to Improve Your Startup’s Culture

Candidates today are looking for the perfect job and the right company. They set out with the best intentions to find a company with a great environment and strong company culture.

What often happens is they get sidetracked by the snacks, free lunches, and the comfy couch and forget to ask the right questions about the company culture. After a few months after working in an “okay” environment and struggling culture—no amount of money or perks will retain that employee.

The time you allocate to building the culture for your company is just as important as the time spent building your product roadmap and revenue strategy. These 3 easy hacks will help you improve your startup’s culture today.

Meet a Kiiper: Andrea Lynn

In this edition of Meet a Kiiper we chatted with Andrea Lynn. Andrea is our Director of West Coast Sales and comes to us by way of the Chicago office. She brings style, grace and an adorable French Bulldog named Bean to the SF office.