3 Ways Your Brand Can Leverage Consumer Mobile Behavior

With dozens of popular social media platforms, over two million apps available, and competitors racking up their ad spending — your mobile marketing strategies can get a bit blurry on how your brand could guarantee a high ROI. So, which direction should you take when it comes to engaging with your mobile consumers? The answer lies within every marketers’ ultimate gold mine — your consumers’ behavior.

Mobile Consumers & Their Holiday Shopping Habits [Survey Infographics]

We’re four months out from the holiday season, yet in the ad industry we all know that brands are already plotting out their marketing strategies and how they can effectively capture their targeted audiences in time for the biggest shopping season of the year! Kiip recently launched a survey tool to gather relevant mobile consumer data. Check out the responses and see which category you fall under when it comes to your holiday purchases!

Winning Consumer Hearts in the Moments that Matter

A common theme at SXSW this year was winning the “micro-moment,” as coined by Google and how marketers need to focus and win in these moments to inspire consumers to try, buy and love their brands and products. I attended several panels that discussed these critical moments from multiple perspectives. This piece brings this new information in sync with my thoughts on the topic going into the conference for a new, evolved POV.

The Data on World App Trends

In a recent post, we shared the industry’s best practices on app localization so developers can launch in new markets. But certain markets are better than others when it comes to mobile apps. Learn

App Analytics Strategies & Tools

“It’s critical to think about analytics as you build the product. You can’t just add it at the end in an integrated way. Analytics let you understand the ways people think and