The Comprehensive Guide to Mobile Optimization Conversion: What Do Experts Teach Us?

In order to unveil what the most critical steps in developing a mobile-friendly website are, we talked to six successful entrepreneurs. Grateful for the time the representatives of 123ContactForm, Estimote, Appscend, Kiip, Duct Tape Marketing and Beaglecat took to answer our questions, we are proud to present you with some first-hand tips and insights on the importance of mobile optimization conversion.

Lyft Speaks Up About Mobile Experience

This is the first in a series of interviews with top product managers at mobile-focused companies. The interviews include exclusive content covering best practices, KPI optimizations, mobile predictions and more. @FrankYoo, Lyft’s Director of

Apple Watch: What You Need to Know

Rumors of the “iWatch” are true. During the September 9th keynote, Apple announced Apple Watch, the event’s most anticipated feature. Apple Watch is touted as Apple’s most personal device yet. It’s not