Developer Spotlight: HyperBeard Games

Kiip works with thousands of developers, so it only makes sense for us to interview the masterminds behind the apps we integrate into. In this Q&A, we meet Alex Kozachenko, President of Apps-O-Rama and Hyperbeard Games, which we will be featuring in this Developer Spotlight. Check out Alex’s responses below and the lessons he’s learned while developing and monetizing apps.

Kiip Introduces Rewarded Video

Imagine you’re playing your favorite puzzle game. You know you’re close to completing the level, but right now…you’re stuck. You can get a hint for watching a 30 second sponsored video, do you take it? Yes.

Across the Kiip network, mobile users engage 2x more with rewards paired with video than rewards with static images. U.S. adults spend about 5.5 hours of their time per day viewing video. Time is money. So why aren’t we rewarding users for their time spent viewing video with something they value?

App Monetization: Which Ad Format Works Best For Your App?

We get it, monetization can be tricky for developers—balancing the need to make money and maintaining the integrity of your app and user experience. One of the toughest decisions in the process of monetizing your app is deciding which ad formats work best for your app. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ll run down the the biggest factors to consider with the four most popular ad formats.

Gamers Gone Wild: GDC 2016 Recap

Every year GDC brings even more fun and excitement to Kiip’s already bustling home city, San Francisco. This year’s Kiip GDC party was no exception from the madness. From networking to dancing the night away, we did it all. We even had a special celebrity appearance. Here’s a photo recap.