Why Influencer Marketing Is Crushing The Game

Influencer Marketing is all the rage among advertisers and brands and it makes sense. With the rise of social media and increasing use of mobile devices, influencers have become a trusted voice. People spend more time watching their favorite style gurus, photographers, bloggers, and Youtube stars than physically hanging out with their friends. Interestingly, teens’ emotional attachment to YouTube stars is 7X greater than traditional celebrities such as Seth Rogen or Jennifer Lawrence. We’re breaking down why Influencer Marketing is so effective and how Kiip can help you leverage it to create stronger campaigns with higher engagement.

Retail Apps: Don’t Leave Money on the Table

While consumers are spending more time shopping on mobile than ever before, its clear that acquisition and retention are a world apart. Installs are important for any app, but retailers need to focus on how many of those users convert into paying customers. Leanplum compiled a few of their key takeaways. Read on to find out what retail apps can do to turn users into repeat customers.

Winning Consumer Hearts in the Moments that Matter

A common theme at SXSW this year was winning the “micro-moment,” as coined by Google and how marketers need to focus and win in these moments to inspire consumers to try, buy and love their brands and products. I attended several panels that discussed these critical moments from multiple perspectives. This piece brings this new information in sync with my thoughts on the topic going into the conference for a new, evolved POV.