Kiip’s 5 Best Partner Rewards for Surviving the Holidays

Once again, the holidays season is upon us. The seemingly joyous stretch of time between Halloween and New Year can be festive for many. But for some people, it can be a time of high-stress, anxiety and pure annoyance. Over 20,000 users responded to our survey to give their two-cents on holiday inconveniences. And we heard them! To ease the pain of the holidays and address these inconveniences, we have 5 partner rewards that allow brands be this season’s “Holiday Hero”.

App Roundup: Turn Up The Music!

Today, over 68% of U.S. smartphone owners listen to music through their mobile device. It’s no surprise that listening to music remains a popular source of entertainment. Yet in today’s tech world —it’s how we listen to music that’s changing. And one of those ways are through mobile apps. Check out Kiip’s top three music apps that enhances the music listening experience.

Monthly M.I.C. Drop [September 2016]

In this month’s M.I.C. Drop, we observed trends that illustrate summer winding down and as we prepare for fall. We see a decrease Travel and Adventure Moments and School Moments as summer travel comes to an end, the back-to-school buzz settles and students ease into their school year routines. We also, not surprisingly saw an increase in Football Moments as football season gets started. We analyzed what time of day we see the most football moments and surveyed users about what they enjoy most about football season. To see the results, download this month’s M.I.C. Drop!

Winning Consumer Hearts in the Moments that Matter

A common theme at SXSW this year was winning the “micro-moment,” as coined by Google and how marketers need to focus and win in these moments to inspire consumers to try, buy and love their brands and products. I attended several panels that discussed these critical moments from multiple perspectives. This piece brings this new information in sync with my thoughts on the topic going into the conference for a new, evolved POV.

Cheetah Mobile Officially Adopts Kiip Moments

“I’m beyond thrilled to announce this partnership with Cheetah Mobile. Both companies believe in creating amazing brand experiences that respect the consumer and we believe that the model to do that is through targeting moments. With Cheetah’s scale and Kiip’s moments technology, we believe we can change the mobile advertising landscape for the better.” Brian Wong, Co-Founder and CEO of Kiip.

Why Contextually Relevant Real-time Interactions Are No Longer Optional Extras

We all know it’s all about mobile and, whether it’s personalized content on a webpage, a mobile push message, a proximity alert or an optimized email, it is now more and more likely to be received and viewed on a smartphone. Brands need to react to that. Mobile has the power of 24/7 access to the ‘remote control’ of your customer’s life and the ability to enable location-based personalized marketing messages better than any other medium.