Developer Spotlight: HyperBeard Games

Kiip works with thousands of developers, so it only makes sense for us to interview the masterminds behind the apps we integrate into. In this Q&A, we meet Alex Kozachenko, President of Apps-O-Rama and Hyperbeard Games, which we will be featuring in this Developer Spotlight. Check out Alex’s responses below and the lessons he’s learned while developing and monetizing apps.

Developer Snapshot: Lucktastic [PDF]

Kiip helps developers engage and retain their users while driving a strong incremental revenue stream. We do this by offering relevant, premium branded rewards that users actually want. Users are happy, developers are happy and so are we. Developer Snapshots are a showcase of the amazing developers we work with and a highlight some of the awesome results they’ve achieved through Kiip Neon.

Dynamic Pricing: Revenue or Engagement?

More and more game developers are exploring dynamic pricing models to both drive revenue and engagement in their games. For example, reducing the price of in-app purchases for users in developing countries like India or offering widespread discounts during the holidays. However, your dynamic pricing strategy will differ based on which of the which of these goals, revenue or engagement, you are looking to accomplish.

Retail Apps: Don’t Leave Money on the Table

While consumers are spending more time shopping on mobile than ever before, its clear that acquisition and retention are a world apart. Installs are important for any app, but retailers need to focus on how many of those users convert into paying customers. Leanplum compiled a few of their key takeaways. Read on to find out what retail apps can do to turn users into repeat customers.

App Monetization: Which Ad Format Works Best For Your App?

We get it, monetization can be tricky for developers—balancing the need to make money and maintaining the integrity of your app and user experience. One of the toughest decisions in the process of monetizing your app is deciding which ad formats work best for your app. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ll run down the the biggest factors to consider with the four most popular ad formats.

Introducing Kiip Neon: The Ultimate Developer ToolKit

Last week at Gamescom, we announced our brand new developer toolkit, Kiip Neon, with an awesome launch party. Over the past six years, we’ve worked with over 15,000 developers to offer their users premium branded rewards in a way that doesn’t negatively affect their app experience. We’ve taken all of these learnings and used them to create the ultimate tool for developer monetization and it’s pretty awesome. Check out Kiip Neon!