Event Recap: Respecting The Digital User Experience


A popular question creative directors and digital marketers often need to revisit is: How do brands raise awareness in the digital space with out annoying potential consumers? “Personalization is key”, “exercise consumer loyalty”, and “create a seamless user experience” — are just a few common responses. But, what does all of that really mean and how can brands mold these marketing solutions into real action items?

As two leading start-ups in today’s ad tech space, Flite and Kiip realized that they both shared the same core value — always respect the user.  Flite and Kiip decided to team up and create a panel discussion on the topic and to hash it out with San Francisco based agencies, brands, and publications. The experts who led the talk were: Giles Goodwin (Flite), Heidi Browning (Pandora), Steffan Postaer (JUMBOshrimp), Adam Broitman (MEC), and Brian Wong  (Kiip).

Hor d’oeurves, cocktails, and swag bags were passed around through out the evening, yet the real treat was the incredible insight from our panelists. Missed the live talk? Check the entire discussion here or scroll below to read a few of our favorite quotes during the discussion.

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 Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 11.14.21 AM 

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 11.13.30 AM

Our favorite snapshots of the #RespectUX networking event below!

flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-165429 flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-165625 flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-165652 flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-170014 flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-172135 flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-173142 flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-173456 flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-174749 flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-175301 flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-175656 flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-175828 flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-180000 flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-180330 flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-180620 flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-181321 flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-180702flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-182848 flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-183817 flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-185530-2flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-185520flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-190251 flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-190842 flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-185746flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-192142-2flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-191547flite-kiip-respect_ux-20160721-192043-2